domingo, 26 de março de 2017

Production Costs

Hey guys!
In this post for the Parsons x Teen Vogue course, I'll talk about the blouse production cost. It's was an bohemian style and I really loved doing it.

Production cost - retail

One yard muslin R$ 15,20
sewing thread R$ 3,50
2 hours @ $6 R$ 12,00
Total production cost R$30,7
20% profit R$ 6,14
Total cost plus profit R$ 36,84
Estimated retail price R$ 42,00

Production cost - wholesale

One yard muslin R$ 11,30
sewing thread R$ 2,10
1.2 hour @ $6 R$ 7,20
Total production cost R$20,6
20% profit R$ 4,12
Total cost plus profit R$ 24,72
Estimated retail price R$ 30,00

Hope u liked!
See u soon, XOXO

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