quarta-feira, 22 de março de 2017

My product

Hi guys!

Today, this post is about my necessaire for the course Parsons x Teen Vogue that I am doing.

It's a 27cm striped necessaire based on the mock-up that I made earlier:

The proposal was to make a bag with a striped fabric that you made and then, make an production cost grid of the product.

Production cost grid - retail:
Necessaire #1
One yard white cottonR$10,20
Blue fabric paintR$8,00
Pink fabric paintR$8,00
zipperR$ 3,80
1,5 hours @ $6R$9,00
Total production costR$39,00
20% profitR$7,80
Total cost plus profitR$46,80
Estimated retail priceR$50,00

Production cost grid - wholesale:

Necessaire #2
One yard white cottonR$7,20
Blue fabric paintR$5,00
Pink fabric paintR$5,00
zipperR$ 1,40
1,1 hours @ $6R$6,60
Total production costR$25,20
20% profitR$5,04
Total cost plus profitR$30,24
Estimated retail priceR$34,00

Hope you liked! See u soon! XOXO

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